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Mar 28, 2011

My Own Two Tales of Two Yarns

My Own Two Tales of Two Yarns...

Oh I am so elementary when it comes to terms and techniques of the yarn world, but I'll give it a shot.

As it is often stated "Parts of any fiber enthusiast's hobby is an appreciation of yarns." And so I have broken down and thought about what yarns I respect and yarns that I don't. And remember finance plays a big part in my experiences with yarns. Purchasing a $65 skein of yarn would send me to the welfare office in a hurry. And so budgeting plays the ultimate finale decision - shopping the clearance rack in store as well as on-line stores, plus ordering on-line only, when free shipping is offered, and by all means using coupons when I can.

But first an important message from the top of the tops of the crocheting world.
Art of Crochet by Teresa, and in her blog she says this:

Novelty yarn should not be used anywhere near a baby or toddler in any type of crochet item. Think about the result from fibers and invisible particles building up in the air passages of a newborn baby! In fact, novelty yarn should have a warning label, "Not for use in items intended for age 13 and below". I am not saying not to use it but use it responsibly on adult items. You can visit her blog for the full article and other goodies here and tell her I said hello.. thanks!

Which if you read the article from the crocheting queen, then you will understand why I do not like working with Chenille in which I do carry in my inventory. It breaks real easy and is just terrible for me to work with.

All the yarn and products seen in the photos in this article is from MY inventory

I did find this Chenille on the clearance rack and got a real bargain for under a $1.00 a skein back in Bishop, CA at I had bought all they had left and now it sits in my bin begging to be used and shipped off somewhere where it will be loved. But that project has not popped into my head yet and so it will sit and sit until ready to be used. And I do have to say I do love the feel of chenille, I just find it hard to work with.

My other choice of yarns that I do work with often but because of the whole not wanting to go on welfare fear is Red Heart and probably one of the most highly bought yarns of all times because hey - it won't bankrupt you. I do find if I crochet for more then 3 hours straight (and I have been know to work 8+ hours crocheting or knitting because that's a form of income for me and the faster things get done the faster I can sell it on my etys stores) then my skin become rash like for all the rubbing from the yarn - I find it scratchy to work but I press on. A real saver for me is buying the 1-pound skein when they go on sale and thank goodness they do. I buy all of my 1-pound skeins ONLY from and when free shipping is being offered then I am so in on the deal. Lets face it with the price of gas and being almost 40 minutes from the nearest store - the savings get put back in my pocket when I only have less then a 1/4 of mile to walk to the post office - no gas needed there and the money stays in my pocket.

Yarns that I just have to have because of the feel and texture and the omg choice of colors. My choice is tie between 3 top picks. Nob Hills, Vanna's Choice and Lion Brands Jiffy

And there you go. Just elementary choices - no rhyme or reason. Just my personal taste and thoughts and theories...  And so now I'll add some pictures of my storage situation right here in my rig. People are simply amazed that...

A - wow we craft in a 24 ft motorhome (and remember we lose 3 feet just because of the front cab that we really can not use except to drive)..

B - How do we store our supplies and such? I will blog more as we get ready to head to Idaho for our summer work (Jorge is building a new bed and making some much needed progress in the RV to make our last summer living in "MrCrafty" as comfy as possible)...

So enjoy and don't forget to check out the feature of the day and the question of the day at the bottom!!
I have 6 bins full of yarns...

Did I mention I have 6 bins full of yarns?

My very first set of knitting needles that where given to
me by a camper up in SaddleBag Lake Campground back in 2009
Thank you so much Sue - I still use them "All the Time"

Love my needles - my only plastic ones I own..
Bamboo is too expensive and so I have to wait...

Bottom draw is for Evielynne ONLY
Jorge dies if enters...
the secret to our marriage is organization!!

I Love my bins and now I can get all my little craft supplies organized...
Thank you Charity
You did GREAT!!

Oh you would laugh at the amount of crafts we have
in the rig. Sometimes I am shocked!!

And now...

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What is your favorite and dis-favorite yarn brand?
Leave your comment - sure would like to learn from my readers!!

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  1. I have a small collection of yarn but not as nearly large as yours. :) I love vanna's choice but have a lot of red heart for the price. I'm not too picky since I only crochet for pleasure not profit except for the exception of the yarn used for dolls hair in my doll shop.

  2. I see you are using you containers Chasity made she had so much fun doing them. I use the chenille yarn from I love it I am making myself a teal with purple I also love the Vanna’s Glamour they sell that on there to. I only have one bin of yarn I guess I need to get more.
    Love your blog