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Mar 27, 2011

Do RV folks clip coupons?

Do RV Folks Clip Coupons?

Money is tight folks and so the answer for this girl is "YES". This time of year can be a real challenge in the pocketbook. While my husband works for our RV spot in the winter time (this winter so far is a test run and we hope to come back to this winter work location after our summer work in ID), I work on a retainer and receive my paycheck every 4 months (ugg but it's all good) and so in between I try to find ways of saving.

While Boondocking (that's camping with NO hook-ups) I really couldn't do the whole coupon thing because being in the middle of now where works against us. If we drive to town just for the Sunday paper it will cost us gas money and so the coupon savings would be a joke. We could ride our bikes for sure but doing 30-40 miles to town would just kill the legs, the lungs, and my spirits. Print coupons on-line "NO WAY" not on a 500 watt generator (don't worry we are about to get the deal of a life time on better one that is a 3500 watt).

While we are now getting hook-ups now, I am back to being a coupon freak. I have a secret to share with you. I am going to tell you about a web site that will help you save so much money (I don't belong anymore because I learned their tricks) - if you want me to share the trick go ahead and pay the RV donation fee and I will walk you through it. But the site that I learned all the tricks is found here and they will give you a list of what's a good deal and such for a membership price. Worth the money but so is my experience and cheaper too!!

I love coupons and I clip them all... Well except for things I know I will not use like baby diapers and dentures cream (unless I can get it for free and then I will use the free items for future blog giveaways - hint hint one is coming up this week).

A typical Sunday is.... Jorge OMG get your butt to the store and get my paper. He is a crossword puzzle FREAK and so we both win. The Sunday paper is $2.50 and we get that back in savings just on the first page - but there are tricks and it takes work. Just like it takes work putting money in the saving account no difference except maybe a paper cut here and there...

My friend has a little purple version of this coupon holder. Sorry I had this long ago and I???? Sorry it's part of the secret...


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Do you use coupons for your crafting supplies?
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  1. I never use coupons for everyday items. We always buy off-brand...never name brand.

    I do use Jo-Anne's and Hobby Lobby coupons if I am going to buy something. I usually WON'T purchase without a coupon!

  2. I too use store brands too if my coupon isn't cheaper... You'd be amazed on them often they are if you hold out your coupons till sale days or buy one get one free...
    One time I had 3 of the same coupons for Buy 1 Get 1 free shampoos for Heberal Shampoo and I held out and Walgreens had a buy one get one free which meant I got all 6 shampoo for free - in which 5 of them where donated to the womens shelter in FL where we living at the time.... It's work I tell ya work... Can be done. Keep those comments coming they are read and cherished and help

  3. I love coupons . . . that is money I don't have to earn . . . and Mulch has some really nice designs on coupon keepers.

  4. I don't generally use coupons either since we try to get store brands. But I do use coupons for some things & definately use them for crafty/sewing supplies!

    Found you thru my Sis's blog (Tonya- hillbilly handiworks)


  5. Mulch- Coupon OrganizerMarch 28, 2011 at 4:55 PM

    Thank you for featuring Mulch-The Coupon Organizer in your blog. I just love it. It must be an amazing life to travel from place to place and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of America. What a wonderful way to enjoy your crafting."Go RVers"
    Coupons are a great way to save money on just about anything from groceries to clothing. All of the major companies offer coupons in some form or fashion. The thing is, as consumers we must understand that every coupon is to be treated like the dollars they are. Most places (supermarkets) double or triple coupons up to $0.50. Giving you a $1.00 or $1.50 savings. Sometimes in most cases if you purchase items on sale and have a coupon for it.. you will get if for FREE! and we all love FREE! One tip I would like to share is that: Only use the coupons that you need or the ones that will give you a product you don't use for free. Also, only purchase the smaller size item, not bulk item to get the most savings. Purchasing item in smaller size will yield the item for free or almost free. The savings will add up. Staying organized is the key to savings. Using the coupon organizer will get you there fast,and on the road to having fun saving Money.
    Best Wishes to all and happy saving.
    Mulch-- The coupon organizer