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Mar 3, 2011


LOL, this morning we where chatting (that is my husband and I) and we where talking about his old dog he had Nicky a Samoyed you can see this web site to see a breeder and the prices at

So as I was saying we where chatting and then I remembered that his Nicky's breed was a hit in the knitting world. Would that also apply to my 2 canine pets. Milita is a Border Collie and SnowPea is a Chihuahua. OK so like a no-brain er on the whole Chihuahua breed but there are some possibilities on my Milita... So I got to researching on the INET to see what I could come up with... FUN FUN FUN...

Needle Felting CORE Wool Eco Friendly felt faster by Fiber Artist GERRY

found the following blog in regards to knitting with dog hair that I thought was very well done. So this blog has me thinking and eyeing my border collie more then ever she even has a sound clip on her blog as well.

 So what the heck can I knit using dog hair? Simple almost everything... I'm re-thinking the whole undy thing though... Here is a site with the owner of dog hair wearable item along with their dog who made it all possible or you could check out this book that has patterns and pictures of hair you can spin to make your own yarn
A quick and easy way to tell how your pet's keepsake yarn will turn out is to take a small tuft of your pet's fur (either from the brush or from clippings) and gently stroke it against your face or the inside of your arm. If it feels soft, then so be your yarn, if it feels like steel wool, well then, it's time to be a little more creative with your keepsake yarn.

I guess you could use any breeds hair but to me the more hair the more yarn possibilities Like for me the choice between my Border Collie and my Chihuahua the winner choice would be my Border Collie.
This is not a craft project I am ready to endure - we first would have to prep our little girl. Like washing her, start feeding her better food (just like our hair on heads require good stuff to make it strong and shine), and a storage area just to store her hair for future spinning.

As strange and weird as this is. We live in a world that is so polluted with machine made garbage that I find this very earthy. It's also another way to earn income. I hope you liked my finds and as soon as we are ready to pick up this form of crafting we will blog our adventures.


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