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Mar 21, 2011

Earflap kind of Day

Little by little I am getting a little more brave with trying new things - like crocheting. Today I decided to try to learn how to do earflaps. A customer a ways back offered me a contract to crochet them for her and I turned her down because I didn't know how to make these super cute hats. I turned down money. And that was a big mistake.

But that has so changed now. And the funny thing is - I learned on the first try. Oh my friend Sue sat on my shoulder the whole time whispering "oh you got it girl - remember how hard you thought the granny square was?" And then on the other shoulder whispering was GrandMum saying "I can't believe my eyes" lol.... So crazy but it's one of two things in life I am very insecure about (crocheting/knitting and my weight  - I know some of my friends are rolling their eyes says "As If" but it is what is...). So it takes me a long time to build up courage to try anything new in the yarn world. And today was one of those days...

And I am pretty happy with the outcome. I have this deal on etsy in regards to one of my customers that whenever I come up with something new she is to see it first. And sure enough within 30 minutes of posting she bought it and emailed me asking for more. Jorge will tell you I get very emotional when blessings like that hit MY door. I will start making some more Wednesday - tomorrow I have to start the cocoon order... So here is my pics of the items I made today....

Tonight's etsy feature is something I choose because of what Jorge said about the brown hat (it's sold already sorry - but email me for details or visit ) that he says looks like a pilot hat and wants me to make him one - bigger of course. And some of you may not know this but Jorge is a pilot. So this feature is because of Jorge **thanks honey I love you**

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I thought this store was so cute and I so support the items you will find there!!

Have you ever flown a plane? Or jumped from a plan? Or perhaps just flown as a passenger?
Share your story in the comment form... 


  1. I like how you theme your posts. I have been skydiving...but it was indoors. Still fun though!

  2. My husband is a pilot too. I heard about your blog from HitchItch RV Travel and I like to craft. I have to say your blog is nothing like the other there. I think your going to do great. I can't wait to see what you make next. You have some real great talent.
    Happy Camping

  3. wow! thank you for the etsy feature! it seems very fitting, given today's tops and question :) thanks again, and happy flying (or, RVing!).