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Mar 22, 2011

Thrift Store Crafting

Today I only manage a half a hat all while on our way to The Dalles, OR... I keep my yarn and crochet hook in a freezer bag to keep it clean and more organized for on the go. Works out pretty good too!!

We did hit a couple of thrift stores in which is normally a great place to get cheap patterns and in this case they where on a quarter each. I was looking for doll clothes and failed at finding any. We didn't have a whole lot of time to spend in the stores due to my friends husband being at the dentist office (poor guy).

We did get to go the yarn store called "The Whole Ball of Yarn" I found out that they have a blog on the web and you can check them out BEAUTIFUL but very expensive yarns.... I think it was the first yarn shop that I walked in with no yarn and walked out with no yarn - I don't like that feeling. Empty and so alone.... lol aw maybe next time. My etsy store would have to be pulling in big numbers first. What's wonderful about the store is their classes they offer. They had a spinning wheel that was a little under $400 and came with 4 hours classes.

And then we hit a quilters shop and we just fell in love with everything they had. A beautiful green unique apron was their grand entrance - just beautiful and very retro... Jorge of course loved all their fat quarters - which he uses for his barbie doll clothes making. My favorite was the lady bug everything they had lol...

I love thrift stores and truly its a great place to start building your inventory, recycle crafts (which is so in right now and will continue to be so) which equals a huge saving if done correctly and to be super creative. I am personally looking for used men's ties for a up-coming project but need about 20 of them and a $1 a pop is a little to much money and so I will wait till I cross one or two at a time at a yard sale and go from there. Using cool shirts/skirts and such for doll clothes will be utilized but first we have to get more storage bins to store them - in a 24 ft rig we have to be very selective as to what to store. aw the life of a RVer... Loving it!!


$5.00 (not a bad price)

11 items for sale 
 therecyclingethic's Shop Announcement

Happy March. It is raining like crazy where I am. Wherever you are, I hope you're well.
Thrifting has become especially challenging lately. I am so busy with everything in my life that it just doesn't fit :( But I am eagerly looking forward to the next couple weeks when I will be traveling south to Visalia and hopefully getting a move on my next edition! Stay posted!
I make shipments on Mon, Wed, and Sat mornings, always with recycled materials, and I appreciate feedback and suggestions. My "Etc." section represents my recycling ethic-let no thing go to waste.

What item have you bought from a thrift store to craft with?
Share your story - it helps new crafters sharing experiences..


  1. I love this store, I had no idea you could buy t-shirt sleeves, what a great idea and love the recycling of it all.

  2. I so wish I had been able to hit the quilt store with you!

  3. Wool sweaters: machine wash and dry to make felt. (Of course, then I didn't make anything from it, but that's not the point.)

  4. Thank you so much! I love people who love to thrift :)

    For your readers, I am offering a coupon code for 10% off their entire purchase: RVTHRIFTER

    My goal is to promote thrift both for recycling's sake, and for the benefit of our souls (i.e. simplicity); I think that's a really important piece. My thrift store books are all reviews/musings on thrift and my thrifty adventures. They're pretty meaty, and not just for Fresnans.

    Thanks again Evielynne. You're awesome.