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Mar 19, 2011

Cleaning without Crafting

Today was a total day off from any form of crafting. I helped my husband out cleaning a cabin. While cleaning I kept thinking - I want to live in this cabin - it's so beautiful and now super clean and now I have to go home and look at my place - a major mess these days. Oh No Spring cleaning is coming... Nope not going to think about that right now and I'll let etsy do my thinking for me.

Crochet Apron by TopsyDesign

267 items are for sale in this unique cool shop!!

jared and sam's Profile


Los Angeles-based wardrobe and prop styling team Jared and Sam specialize in creating hi-concept worlds for fashion and video shoots by combining the latest fashions and designs with vintage objects and attire from their extensive collection.

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Refinery29 has called the store “your new fav online shopping stop." BlackBook lauded the "eco-conscious...timeless styles." And GQ raved about Jared and Sam’s ability to “carefully curate the line with an eye for weathered simplicity." More press quotes are online at:More press quotes are online at:

What do you wear while your SPRING cleaning?
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  1. Wow did you see the 19th century beaded shawl? Incredible, just incredible . . . too bad it's a small and I''m not.

  2. I wear the grungiest thing I can find . . . I certainly wouldn't wear that beautiful apron . . . that would be a "special occasion" apron, and grandma would love to have it!!

  3. I wear a tshirt with bleach stains; my sleep pants with bleach stains; and my hair bangs pulled up on the top of my head in a silly looking pony tail that keeps my hair out of my face!

  4. Thanks Evielynne! Great blog!