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Mar 18, 2011

Cards or Crafting on my mind?

Canasta.... It's been so long since Jorge and I sat and play the game. And we need to brush up before summer. Other wise Sue and Bob are going to kick our little butts for sure. They say I am a card shark because I do tend to win more then lose. ummmmm no comment!!

But what does this have to do with your crafting blog? It's really simple - just give me a moment and I'll tell ya!

You see we'll be about 20 miles or so from our friends this summer - from May 25th till approx Oct 25th. And well I need to be able to grab my cards on a drop of a dime. And so I have decided to make myself a little cards carry purse... That's right no joke. It will hang from my coat rack that is just inches from my rig door and an easy grab for on the go. I will post pictures as soon as it's completed.... Pretty cool hey?

OK... OK... OK... I know you want to just jump right ahead to my feature of the day.... So I won't delay any longer and tease you. By the way thank you for the emails praising the whole feature thing - I do love doing it... Plus its an excuse to shop at my most favorite store ETSY!!


gindawg's Profile

I am a long time crafter and have created items mainly for family and friends. I often hear, "You should make that to sell." So I decided to go ahead and do just that. My son, who happens to live in Brooklyn (where Etsy is located) told me about Etsy so here goes...

My two loves are painting and sewing. I have been decorative painting for about 15 years and find it very relaxing and rewarding. Because my mother was a Home Ec. teacher, I learned to sew at a very young age.

Hope you like my creations!

What is your favorite game to play?
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  1. I haven't played Canasta isn a long, long time. Pinochle is my favorite game, haven't played that in a long time either. Thses days it is mostly Cribbage and Yahtzee with the occasional game of Scrabble thrown in for good measure.

  2. I look forward to seeing your card bag. The only Canasta that I've ever played is on Club Pogo. Sad, I know.
    Club Pogo can be quite a friend to a lonely card player!

  3. Haven't played Canasta in years, but always loved it. Also love Mexican Train...that is a fun one to play. We will have a blast this summer!!!"

  4. I use to play Canasta by the hours with my mom. We were stuck in Canby, CA while my dad was logging.
    Our cards of choice right now is 8-handed Marvin. I love Pinochle - or any card game.
    You and Sue are going to have so much fun!