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Jan 4, 2011


So I'm building my pattern file for all my new addition to my ETSY store and I came across a very cute pattern that I will convert to a doll blanket. I just can't get over how many sites offer FREE PATTERNS... So for those who are new to knitting or even crocheting here are some links I use to help build my skills - I am like a major baby steps kind of crafter...
I will make this blanket 17 inches X 17 inches (this site rocks and it's a member site "MrsCraftyRVing" is my id on there so do look me up and friend me) (my husband loves this site - being the quilter he is)

Do you have a favorite link or pattern you wish to share? Drop a comment... I'll be happy to post your ideas... Happy Knitting!
Happy Crocheting!
Happy Sewing!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Evie and Jorge,
    I absolutely love that blanket, its adorable. Cant wait to see it on your site. I do look regularly and pine for all the lovely things you make.