Crafting Newletter


Jan 6, 2011


Before I add all of our suggestion for free beading patterns.. I want to share with you some pictures of my husband current work. These are 100% his own designs (he hates patterns and like to do his own - bead snob he is lol). His loom is really my loom that he bought for me for my birthday (you see where we are going don't ya?)... All the beads that we have on hand where purchased at Fire Mountain Gems and Jorge uses delica beads #11 (thank you Carla for the beading advice). Jorge loves to bead and he is starting to pick up custom orders which will go towards our solar panel kit and solar oven. So we thank these customers with all our heart. Do you know just by reading this blog you are also helping us earn money. Click on any of the ads to check out our sponsors. So enjoy the picture and let Jorge know if you'd like some custom made for you....

Facebook is another great area to find free beading patterns. Happy Beading!!

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