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Jan 3, 2011

CafeMom so I signed up and you can find me at
OK so by now your asking what's CafeMom well its is an ad-supported social networking website specifically targeted at mothers, offering member-generated content such as profiles. It supports stay at home Moms, new Moms, step Mom's (like me), work at home Mom's, Mom's that own business and so so so much more. My friend Chrissy who is a Mom of 4 and is a work at home Mom said I must join to help my Etsy web store grow.
So off I went and signed up. I noticed right away about a 2% traffic increase. Right now I will take anything. I've tried so many inet on-line jobs and 90% are scams either money up front or to purchase their ebooks (and if I purchase one more ebook my husband might turn me in to some 1-800 help.
If your a Mom of any form you so need to connect with this group because it's real women helping real women in every aspect of our lives.
You can find CafeMom on Facebook too. 

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