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Sep 22, 2010

A boo boo turned into a treasure

So I got off my lazy bum bum and got to working on some fun things AGAIN... I've got so much yarn and still tons more coming in.... Charity is in full swing for us - and doing double duty because I also have to add my selling hats to the "TO DO" list. So today I broke my day in half and was able to do both.... I have to tell you the purse you see was suppose to be a hat but I used a crochet needle way to big... So here you have a new creation.... The future ones will have a liner in it.... Children and Babies and Preemies are my donated hats while my adult hats are for sale.... My fingers are tired and so I will chat you all later!! Inyo Hospital and MS and CapforCharity are the 3 organization we choose to work with this year.... You should try giving a helping hand - there is always a need for more help....

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