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Jul 20, 2010

RV Benches

It is so difficult to craft in a 24 foot motorhome when it's torn to shreds. But somehow I did manage to get a hat done and I'm now working on a doll hat. Jorge tonight worked on the second bench and then tomorrow he'll install the table after he builds it - thank goodness. Then the couch in which I am so trying to be patient because lets face it - knitting at the kitchen table is not comfortable. We're watching North to Alaska (one of my favorite movies and it was filmed in the Alabama Hills in Lone Pine). It's 8pm and no more working on the RV because it's not fair for the campers who have to listen to the power tools. Here's today's picture - hope you enjoy them as much as I have.... Coming soon to the blog after the work has been completed - I'll take pictures of how I store my supplies and such and then you can let me know what you think.... Wait till you see all my yarn.....

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