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Jul 19, 2010

TOUPEE in an RV made and done!

I did this and one other hat you'll see in the picture. Boa yarn was a bit of a challenge for me to work with but sure was fun.... I thought I'd really have some and make a different strange type of hat. The word Toupee inspired me to be silly so maybe it will sell or maybe it won't but I bet anything I'll get a lot of views to the store - and if that's the case cha-ching la la la..... Knitting however for me is very hard because not only do I not have a couch or decent chair to sit in comfy but my RV is torn to shreds. My husband is building as I stated in the last blog entry but oh my..... Any who check out what my table/chair is going to look like and check out the link that goes to my etsy store....

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  1. Now I can get your blog like I do Gwens!!! Very cool, I like it