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Jul 24, 2010


I am tired. Did a favor for a friend and now I am pooped - I didn't sleep all that well last night, those dang nightmares are back - uggg. I'm not sure whats causing them. But hopefully tonight I'll get a good night sleep. A full day and I'm glad I got to help...
So later in the day I went to visit Shirley and was sad to hear her sister passed away - but was glad her daughter will be there to help them through this hard time. I will be hiking with Shirley's daughter on Tuesday in which I am excited - it will be nice to make a new friend.
Not much to report today other then it was a busy day - in which I am greatful for and hope to do it again soon!!
Eating burgers tonight and going to watch Spider-man 2 yipee.... hope you all had a great day and where able to make someone smile.....

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