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Jul 27, 2010

Name Game help Needed!

This hat was not my favorite to work on - for me it was the colors. But when the hat was finished and it just didn't measure up for me and so I thought heck why not add a different type of yarn to it. And now I love it. I've asked my facebook friends and my campground_crafter friends to help name this hat (I think that's the real reason my hats are selling - lol). I've sold 3 items in my Esty store today and I'm just tickled pink about it. Not that I plan to make millions but would love to make a couple of hundred a month just so I have an excuse to run to the yarn store to re-fill my bins..... And once things settle in the RV and I have room I'll be knitting like a crazy women - yeppers plus I need to get my MS charity blankets done before winter so that we can give them to our member of our MS group I started. I'm still mad that my brother is gone and stumped that the research isn't as advance as other diseases - it's just not fair. I do realize life does go on and that the circle of life has to turn but until my time comes I will hurt. Did you know that in both of my little brothers yearbook they both named me as their hero. We were lucky to be so close. Families today just aren't. Some times I hate living in America because my family all lives in Germany and I feel guilty. But then I remember how much of a Yankee girl I am. Jorge of course being the best husband and friend tells me he would move there if I wanted us to go. But there is so much of United States I haven't seen and people I am still drawn to meet.
So back to my hat - what do you think of it?

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