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May 1, 2011

May For Me Day 1 an Apron Pattern

Jorge starts off May For Me. A customer had hired Jorge to do an Apron for a member of her family - LUCKY LADY too. The colors are just amazing.

Now Jorge has never done an Apron and wanted to add making them to our store so this was a great chance to learn how to make. He invested a lot of hours into this project but don't feel to sorry for him - this is very normal for him.
See the colors are wonderful. The patter shows two apron and the customer wanted the longer one - Pattern B, another great choice. And so now to show you Jorge in action....
My husband ROCKS... He is not embarrassed to ask for direction or better yet, read direction - something he will do over and over during the whole sewing project. Type A when it comes to sewing for sure.
Cutting and OMG there was a lot of cutting. One of my questions to Heather (who also makes apron and is a genius) is does she have hard templates or does she still use the soft paper? Maybe she'll let a great tip in the comment feed...
And yes our rig is small and so often enough we can be found on the floor working on bigger projects such as this one. Don't you just love that lime green - it's beautiful...

LOL every couple of month my wonderful husband will ask for new pins - and my thought is WHY? We have like a zillion of them - well as it turns out a lot of pins are needed in a sewing project. Here is a major bonus FUN FACT about Jorge - not once has ever gone without pinning himself until today!! Congrats to Jorge (George).
Just to give you an idea of the size of the pieces. His tools are very basic and not fancy at all. This was close to lunch time when Jorge yells out - Just give me cereal for lunch (lol because that means he wants to eat fast so he can get back to work)...

Fun fabric now - mini grapes... Which the customer's family member is just going to love... The funny thing about this is. The lady who was cutting the fabric thought they was apples. She was young and very cute and very friendly - she is entitled to a little mistake - been there and done that.
OK now we are getting some where and now we are ready to sew - LOL that is Jorge is ready to sew. But first he has to change the thread and fill the bobbin... Oh the background noise at this point is
The Godfather ...
It not pretty yet but is sure is getting there... So now that Jorge will have this under his belt - I have put in my order for Christmas (I told him he can pick out the colors and everything - talk about being stress out - he's over thinking it and we still have 8 mths LOL)...
Notice the small table he's working on - so now if you sew there is no more complaining because if you do - he'll be happy to switch for a day... This is our picture table (my idea - I wanted to see my family and friends and with no wall room this was just perfect - it's not glass but plexiglass - I don't do glass well at all) that he is working on.
LOL he can be funny when he wants to be - he's telling me the pressure of May For Me is so far behind him but now he's worried about what you ladies think... Yep I am now chopped liver - lol... By now you must be thinking "Well if Jorge is sewing then what the heck are you doing?" well you'll have to tune in tomorrow because tomorrow is my May For Me....
And here we are the final product - one cool looking first time apron from one awesome man,
 My Wonderful Husband... And now the vote is order "what do you think for his first?"

I know we are suppose to give tips but, when I was asking Jorge what he would like to share with you for tip giving, his response was "No one taught me how to sew - a book, a mom, a teacher and everything I do is counterfeit because it's 100% my talent or lack of" he does state to sew in stress less environment and to really take your time when using a cutting tool.

Jorge would like to thank the following ladies for being so wonderful and really rooting for him on his decision on doing May For Me: Tonya, Marcia, Heather, Chrissy, Becca. This was a lot of fun and I did just what I wanted to do for May For Me - To Learn a New Project - mission accomplished!!

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  1. Great job Jorge - and I love the fabric!! Isn't it amazing what we can create in such a small space ... not to say that I'm not looking forward to having room to spread out all of my crafting stuff ... some day ;-)
    Hugs - Janice

  2. Great job! I love the fabric choice. :)

    To answer your question: Yes, I make hard copies. I use medium weight non-fusable interfacing just for that purpose. I will actually post about pattern care in May. :)

    No, I don't have a fruit/veggie theme. My kitchen theme is 1950's... reds, cremes, blacks, with a little light yellow & green. :)

  3. Great Job! I LOVE aprons and wear one around the house everyday!!

  4. Yay Jorge! The old rule of thumb is measure twice, cut once. That has saved my bacon many a time.

    Can't wait to see further creations.

  5. Great apron! Love all the pictures especially cutting out the apron on the camper floor!

    Enjoy May!

  6. You know I am a huge fan of the both of you. I do not know of any other couple as crafty as you two. I see the button for the web service will you add one for products? I'd like a coffee mug cozier. Jorge you did very well for a first timer on a apron. I hope you keep expanding your skills. Your customer was smart to hire such a great guy to make their item.

    Becca "H.U.G.S"

  7. VERY cute apron! Love the grape fabric... how cool!

    I just posted my last two blogs with some weaving and dyeing pictures in case you wanna look. Not done while IN our RV.. but cool pics.

    This weekend we are combining and RV trip and a weaving conference together. Saves on hotel, meals, plus I get to park right at the conference parkinglot!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. Oh WOW how awesome!! Great job Jorge! Yep, thinking I need to get my order in - I want one too. You are so lucky to have a creative husband that reads directions.

    No fruit in our kitchen - I use Holly Hobbie oldies :)

  9. Cool! I like the apron! Have you tried a sheet of cardboard on a picnic table for a cutting board with large pieces of fabric?

    Kitchen? What is that? LOL We are building our home as we can afford it. We have just started on the kitchen. It will be so nice to have a kitchen sink and cabinets and a stove and walls and. . .LOL

  10. You guys are awesome. Jorge...that is a great job on the apron!! Welcome to May!

  11. Great job and I love the fabric too!

  12. This is a great apron! You are right, no more complaining about space for me...LOL! Thanks for sharing!