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Apr 12, 2011

My head

My head hurts tonight... So my blog words are empty! We had a good day - sun snuck out and stay well behaved. Went for a short walk with friends and just a simple quiet day. But now my head wants to scream - allergies I'm sure my ears are hurting too...

But my cutie husband did some sewing today - he finished up the pillows cases and even made a dress for Barbie with the left over fabric - I mean how cute, a Barbie popcorn theme dress... I'll post pictures tomorrow...


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Microwave heat pack, pad, wrap for pain relief. Microwave heating pads use moist heat as hot packs or cold packs! Heat therapy packs as neck wrap for neck, shoulder, back and more.

Come on in and let us pamper you a bit! Some of our customer favorites are the NSB (Neck Shoulder Back) Microwave Hot or Cold Pack, Microwaveable Heating Pad. Also, we have a fabulous Migraine Relief Set that uses targeted hot and cold therapy to reduce head pounding (cold up high, heat down low). Looking for the perfect gift? Our microwave hot pack, heating pads and wraps come in all shapes, sizes and combinations!

If you have to deal with aches and pains, we'll help you do it in comfort and style with our microwave heating packs, pads and wraps to use hot or cold!

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What do you do for headaches?
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  1. Hello Evielynne! Thanks SO much for featuring our Migraine Relief Set! I LOVE your blog theme :-)

    For all of your readers, just mention handmadecraftsdonewhlierving in 'notes to seller' when you check out, and we'll send you a free gift with purchase!!

  2. My son just left to spend the night with his father but he would be telling you all kinds of herbal remedies. He even makes head ache pillows.

    Get better soon!