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Mar 6, 2011

OMG Yarn Mobile Application?


Just when the whole blogging thing is sort of starting to make sense - and my time on the INET increases with desire to learn and learn and be a modern sort of gal. I find yarn applications for cell phones.

See I have the SmartPhone Ozone by HTC and as much as I love my phone - I already need an upgrade because, you see the new phones have these little things called COOLER APPLICATION for cell phones in which would help me improve myself in the whole crafting world. But I am locked in a 2yr contract with Verizon and I don't qualify for a new upgrade until next Aug. By then I can only dream of using these application and learn as much as I can about them.

And so this morning devoting myself to INET I came across some not so new application but very new to me. I have friends that use some of these application and swear by them and I am so jealous of their ability of using such modern concepts. One such site had a list of application just to knitting. which has application like knitminder and even a stitchminder for quilters like my husband. Now how flipping cool is that. I feel so small in the computer world but everyday is such a delight in new adventures of all the new things I find just to scream "OMG are you for real" these words are part of my daily ritual.

I even found these other mobile application too:
- icrochet
- needles
- color match
- JCknitCal2

There are just so many application for knitting, crochet, beading and just wow all the way to the bank - lol well sort of. I pay $39 per cell phone extra just for the data plan giving us a total of $230 a month for cell phone service (I should mention we also have broadband too). Hence the reason why I am always "PIMPING" our stores to help cover the cost for the modern world of communication and failing miserably. This month alone so far we've only made $23.50 out but hey it almost covers one data plan - lol.

But regardless of my pain - I am here for you and want to see all of my family, friends, fan, future friends all succeed.... So happy knitting, crochet, beading, weaving, painting, stitching and what ever your artistic project might be. is where you'll find me for the next month or so building and so I welcome you to come visit me and give a shout out.

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