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Mar 23, 2011

Crocheting While Driving Can it Be Done?

LOL my insurance is cheap but not that cheap - and so the driving was left up to the car owner... Awwww let the fingers work. And so they did!

Today was a sad day and I posted all the details on our other blog and you can read the article

And so we headed to HorseTail Falls and while in the car - I crochet a hat that I will place up for sale tomorrow on my store and its for a boy - so do check it out tomorrow.. It's a new type of style and I'm pretty happy with it.  This is the second time I've ever crochet in a moving vehicle and I didn't mind. It made the time go faster and kept me from being a back seat driver in which I am sure with no doubt the driver appreciated. Sorry I drive people nuts!

Not a lot to report today and so I will post pictures and get the etsy feature of the day,,,, FUN - FUN- FUN ummmmm who did I pick today? OK check pictures out and then see for yourself. Don't forget to read the question of the day and leave comments. I love all the feedback's we've been getting and just reading all of your answers. Trust me - your experiences help newbie crafters and open many other crafters eyes too - heck we all have the right to have bragging rights...

Knitting Bag Large Herd of Sheep with 8 Needle Slots and 3 Larger Pockets and Small DPN Case with 10 Needle Slots along with Whatnots Pocket by knittingsmybag


This store has 110 items and holly molly way way way cool - I am in love!!

KnittingsMyBag's Shop Announcement

Thanks for stopping by KnittingsMyBag. We have great needlework project bags in small, medium and large with lots and lots of pockets! There are stitch markers and pocket mirrors that coordinate with the bags and custom orders are welcomed. Scoot on over to my other etsy shop at for accessories (make-up bags, foldover clutches, ISB holders, passport holders and more!!

Have you ever crafted in public? If so what was the project?
Share your story in the comment form.


  1. Thanks so much for featuring an item from my shop on your wonderful blog. I enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your photos. I am a traveling knitter myself. I enjoy knitting baby items for my friends and family and socks and scarves as well. Thanks again! Lois

  2. It's nice to see photos of you!! Thanks for posting a May for Me button.
    I do some traveling sewing but for the most part just at home. I have always wanted to be a Silver Dollar City artisan. I am not sure that will ever happen now the time Stephen grows up I'll be 60. Oh my!

  3. Wow, what a great store! They have the cutest organiztional tools for the traveling crafter, I love the black sheep!