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Mar 24, 2011

Building an Inventory of Finished Products

Oh boy!! Today was a major in the rig day. Easter inventory has begun - of sorts lol... We are in hope of bringing in more business into any of our 4 etsy stores. MrCraftyRVing which has all of Jorge's beading work.  MrsCraftyRVing is quickly becoming gear for kids, kitchens and such. HatMasters is total crochet/knitted hats and boy the number of hats has grown, grown, grown a must check out. And last but not least and with still plenty of time to work on items is our Christmas101 with a handful of stuff still worth the look.

Today the fingers either crochet, cut, sew, seamed or taking pictures was so done all day... I am tired and my fingers really do hurt lol... But we agreed we need to be back at it tomorrow. So the following pictures are of project done today....

And there you have it the bulk of the type of stuff that was done today - there's more but you have to go to our stores to see for yourself. If you have an etsy account drop me a note - it's always nice to network with other etsy store owner or even better shoppers....



13 items for sale

Welcome to Munzies! What makes my creations different? I love to make children smile. If their eye’s don’t light up and their imagination kick into gear then I missed the mark. That’s why I make my tents easy to use – take apart, put back together again. That’s why I make them safe and sturdy using quality fabrics and components that are safe for your children. And that’s why I include the little extras to help them weave their stories and get into the wonderful world of make believe.

I love custom orders -- more often than not, I include unasked for goodies - I am a sucker for your wonderful children/grandchildren stories – I do this because I love it. Don’t get me wrong – I need to support my huge fabric and gadget habit – but I do work with my customers to provide them the best quality money can buy. Not only that, but I stand by my work – if you’re not happy, then I’m not happy

What do you keep for INVENTORY for your crafting?
Share your comment - it's helps newbie crafters sharing your experiences


  1. I have so much fabric. My question for you? You guys are so do you do it? Your space is so limited...I am to never complain about lack of space again!!

  2. LOL... lots of bins with labels on them. My husband as crazy and as wonderful as he is. Made 2 king size quilts in our 24ft rig - it was the craziest thing ever. I'll have to a write up on that. We try to stay with little items and hope they sell quick. I get told our items are low in price but only because we need it moved quick so we can make new items.
    A stick house should never complain!! Gosh lol I remember the days... awwww

  3. I have a whole wall (bookshelves) of fabric but then I am addicted to the stuff! I keep my completed inventory in labeled boxes- waiting to be purchased by the lucky buyer. ;) I run 4 etsy shops also. My main one is You can find links to my other stores on my profile.

  4. I used a glue gun the other day to re-attach a bow to a purse. I am crafy, I am your new competition.