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Feb 16, 2011

Shamrock a summer plant of Ireland. A common idol for Celtic artwork. Legend has it that St. Patrick used the shamrock in the fifth century to symbolize the divine nature of the trinity when he introduced Christianity to Ireland. "The Wearing of the Green" also symbolizes the birth of springtime. Irish legend states that green clothes attract faeries and aid crops.

by Rebekah:

I am a shamrock
Who hides on the ground.
When you come and find me,
Don't make a sound.

Pick me up very carefully;
Don't let me fall apart.
You can make a wish from me
By holding it close to your heart.

I am new to the Shamrock world of crafting. I can now make Shamrocks in which my GranMum would be so proud. It's who we are. I have other MUTT qualities running in my veins as well. It just so happens my favorite color happens to be green too.

I am also excited that someone thought I had talents worth buying. For I sold my first set of Shamrocks on my ETSY STORE. I hope to continue doing so as we approach St. Paddy's Day. I am often asked where is the best place in the USA during our celebration of good ole Patricks day. EASY Philadelphia.... Not only for the pride of the city but for the food, beer, and best of all the company. Been there and done that for many years... However I am not an Eagle Football fan - and happen to love NY Giants - but Philly don't hold that again me lol.

Here are my Shamrocks in which can be used in a number of projects. Place a pin and wear proudly, sew on a blanket, bag, towel, jacket, tissue box and I can go on and on but you get the idea...

3 Leaf Shamrock Clover

4 Leaf Shamrock Clover


  1. My husband and I have dreamed of RVing someday. Then life got crazy. He'll be 50 this year; we have a one year old baby and he doesn't get to retire from his newish state job for another 17 years. YIKES!!

    I think I could travel all the time. I simply LOVE it. I have to settle for Branson though. At least it is close enough and I love those Ozark hills!

  2. Your shammrocks are adorable. They would be great to add to cards or make a garland out of.