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Dec 28, 2010

Wall Art and Decor

Boston how dare you keep your wall art and decor such a secret? So now I have a wish list going on for this store and it's not just for my home but for my RV. Check out the rug I am getting - we are just not sure which one to get they do come in 5 sizes

19 X 33 for $20
3'3 X 5' for $69
4'11 X 7' for $139
8'2 X 10' for $299
Runner for $49

My husband wants the 4'11 X 7' but I'm thinking of the Runner

So you have an idea what rugs we want from but they have a ton of other items to buy. Like OMG the Meco Charcoal Combo Water Smoker / Grill - 5031
SKU #: MEC1014 is a total buy for us and it will make our camping just so much more fun with all the good food we'll be able cook (and savings from not having to dine out at all).

You know it just drives me nuts when all these stick (house) owners think that RV people can't live in style. Heck so not true when you have that caters to EVERYONE and with the FREE shipping and NO hassles - which makes my life a million times better...

Now your asking well if you have a wish list how do you know the store is full of quality - Well it's very easy. I own the Wusthof Classic Knife Block Set. We paid a little under $300 for it and I love it - it doesn't rust, cuts just beautifully and I honest to goodness couldn't live with out. Our last set was a real chore to work with. Cleans easy and looks great.

So family and friends you know what's on my wish list and HINT HINT Jorge's birthday is coming up (Jan 14th). does sell gift cards.... Well one can only wish for such a birthday gift - no matter I still have to get my rug no matter what. (by the way they ship fast - I was shocked)...

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