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Oct 13, 2010



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Hello! Jorge and I own a Yahoo Group called Crafting_for_MultipleSclerosis... Its a group for all those who are MS Patients, those who love to help others, and for friends/family of a MS member. Please do join....

Yesterday I was asked by one of our members who has MS to make her a hat and a bracelet. Of course not only would we do it but would be honored to make the requested items... Suzie Quebedeaux is a member of our group and is a wonderful lady. Not only a MS Patient but a huge supporter for helping others... She has had MS since 2001... And I know how hard this is on her because like my brother she has had some very bad reaction to the meds. She has lots of good day as well as many many bad days. My brother lived in pain and he had the worst case scenario and he had been on all the drugs at one time or another and it was the drugs that killed him but the true blame is this awful disease. They say MS patients can live a normal life - and that is the stupidest thing some healthy person came up with... If they lived a normal life there would be no pain, no meds, and no fear - but each and every MS Patient lives with all 3 of these so therefore there is no such thing as a normal life.
Our group has started off slow but now that Jorge and I are doing charity work on a full time bases we'll be rocking and rolling and hope that you'll join to be a part of it.... When you join please do go into the database and fill out the correct form if your a MS Patient, a Crafter and such.... If you would like to donate material please do pick out one of our crafter to send to. All of our crafters not only donate their talents, but also their time and their material but they also pay for the shipping. So support is needed and welcomed... All you have to do is email them and they'll give you all the info.
I've included a picture of the item my husband and I did together today. And so tomorrow it will make it's way to LA.... All of our MS Patients are asked to take a picture of themselves with their gifts and post on the site.... Not only do we get to meet the patient this way but it's one GREAT way to see how wonderful our crafter to at their talents....
MS is not a poor/rich man disease and the amount of money that goes into staying alive is really bad - so what we can do is help educate, network, support, vent, share experiences, and be charitable in giving our gifts.... There is no money exchanged at all - only donation of material is needed.... Being a friend to our members is just as good as making a hat/blanket/bracelet/scarf/etc.... So don't be shy and come and join us....

Suzie works from home as you can imagine and a lot of MS Patients have some sort of business they are able to do from home and in this case Suzie has a store too - do check it out....

Thank you everyone for reading today's blog insert and hope to see you there on our group!!

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  1. Hello wonderful wife. Where the heck are your comments for all your hard work? I think your blogs are very good. Half the time I have no idea what your blogging about. But it sure is fun to catch up. Love, your biggest fan