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Sep 17, 2010


Well we have like 59 more days till the season is done for my husband. We've decided to winter in Bishop. Which is great because I'd just connected with:
Lucy Alarid, LCSW

Patient Advocate
Northern Inyo Hospital
150 Pioneer Lane
Bishop, CA 93514


CapsForCure a yahoo group that just makes hats for all kinds of causese


MS Yahoo group that I am the owner of (my brother passed away June 1, 2009)

We'll have plenty to do this winter for sure with God's guidance of helping others where we can. Charity is not suppose to be easy other wise it wouldn't be called charity. I hope that you all choose to help a friend, a neighbor, a stranger - the gift of giving goes beyond words and you ought to try it....

So these past couple of weeks we've been working on building our inventory - I just received a box of donated yarns from Mrs Patti Bertram of Minden, NV. It was wonderful to have a stranger helping our cause and giving us moral support and just being excited to help reach our goal.... I'm always looking for yarns or supplies to help make items - so if you have a stash somewhere do email me and I'd be happy to take them off your hands...

I've also been working on our inventory for our stores... I've just bought a ton of beads for Jorge who soon enough will have time to really get a bunch made - I do love his Halloween one he made yesterday - check it our for yourself and let him know what you think.

My little RV is now crowded with items - lol which is why Jan 1, 2011 we start shopping for a travel trailer.... I am so ready!! I hope it goes smooth for us in the shopping department.... Well off to knit!

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