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Aug 1, 2010


Today I had to take off from making any items - friends needed help and so we concentrated on that today - and then I slept (was up since yesterday at 5am and didn't hit the pillow until almost 2pm - Jorge was amazed on how functional I was and still in a good mood - it brought back college days for me to say the least) till 5pm so I should be able to head for bed at a reasonable hour tonight.
Tomorrow - I have to hit the yarn stash and get to working my fingers off I have several hats to get done and I need to finish up my baby doll hats for an order to fill!! I did sell a hat yesterday and I was just thrilled. Hope to also get my flipping 3rd package so I can get my husband to do the cushion and then I can get my house back in order.... This will be a short insert today with no pics - a blog without pics is just not s blog to me!! So looking forward to getting back into the crafting world. Some people say I do to much and often then not I say no I can do more!! But I really need to watch my health - I don't want to go back to the hospital any time soon again - no thank-you!! So be patient with me - it will be at least a week and then I can get back to bloggin about crafting.... I do need to get a crafting project package for a friend who is still down from her accident to give her something to do!! any ideas - throw them out to me!! I've got a couple in my mind already!!

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