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Aug 6, 2010

Foam is here

Half the battle has been won!
We received the package in which our most waited item hid itself so snug in the box. Yesterday being the last day off in which really wasn't a day off due to work issues - ugggg to say the least. Did I mention we are going on vacation November 16th? Well if I didn't WE ARE.
So Jorge let the foam breath and takes its form. And when it did he went to town. But a little snag. It's not enough. I am not ordering it again because I would like the project to be completed this century. A friend of ours is going to Reno and will some more for us - thank gosh for such loyal great friends!!

Today I have to rip the seams out of our curtain so that I can sew on the black material because the black and white just does not go with the movie theme RV. That will be a quick fix and I won't start that till Jorge gets home from work.

Oh yes, I've started printed pictures for our table and I love it - I get to see my family and friend everyday now - I'll take picture of the table tonight and will post tomorrow on the blog.

Well, I have to really keep this short today - I have to finish up my hat orders and get them shipped today seeing the post office is closed on Saturdays and it can not wait till Monday. Enjoy the pictures!!

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