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Dec 28, 2011

Christmas Ornament Exchange

Christmas Ornament Exchange

Oh this was so much fun to do. Would I do it again? Why YES-YES-YES... It was fun to see what types of ornaments we would get and to see them come from all over was just a complet hoot.

Here are some pictures... I am not sure if I am missing any ornaments from what I signed up for - I am not about policing packages and I know all too well how the post office works. One did come broke but let me tell you it was made with complete love and I was excited no matter what...

The first picture is a sample of what I made for the exchange... A wreath. I had also done a candy cane, stars, and Christmas trees... They were such a huge hit in our house that I made an entire crew of them for next year. I only had one ornament left and it was the wreath so here we go!!

This was my first - it also came with a gingerbread man and I was so excited!! Thank-you...

This one reminded me of my East Coast house. I have always loved this style
and so you can imagine how much I cherish this!!

I use to make tons of items like this but I am thinking not even close this talented one!! I will have this one up year-round!!

Another classic I just love to see and make myself - this one awww was made for me!! I love it...

My husband is a quilter and feel in LOVE.

Angels are the BEST!!

I totally screamed when I open this one up - I am a crochet/knitter and WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWO - I so loved this one. PERFECT

Sewing folks are the best!!

Too cute!! I want the pattern...

This one made me emotional because it reminded me of my GrandMum - this one meant a lot to me
 and it hit the Christmas Spirit.

Although this was not part of the exchange I do have every right to brag about Ms Sophie -
We love her and she is a big part of our home - this one stays up also and will be put on our RV special table.
 (a wooden table with a glass top with all of our important pictures underneath)
Member of the ornament exchange if you don't see your picture here it's because I didn't get it or it was damaged. Again I didn't want to police this because then it's not fun. I've enjoyed each and every one of these and loved my cards that came with it... My favorite card did come from England with the most beautiful message. I am so looking forward to next years exchange...

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  1. Thanks for including Sophie's ornament! She loves to do handprints!!

  2. They are all wonderful, but I think I like the little sweater on the hanger the best!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. Who made the sweater?? That is adorable! Isn't the exchange a ton of fun?!!!!