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Sep 29, 2011

Trixie is Home Again

Both Jorge and I are breathing again lol... We got the major 2 thumbs up from Jorge's custom order... Before I go any further our store is having a suprise % off sale so just click the box

So here is what the customer said:

September 26 2011 4:23pm EDT
I received the box today. What a nice surprize when I opened up the box and everything was so neatly, professionaly packaged. It looked so nice I did not want to disturb the pink attached ribbons!!

Thank you so much for making such cute dresses, belts, and hats. Everything turned out wonderful. You made my day!! Thank you.

Now we are full of smiles and relief... An order that big can make anyones day and so far and few so we tend to stress because omg we would love more work like this. So a major congrats to Jorge and now I'll share some fun photos...

We are so honor and greatful for this order - you have opened many doors for us and we can't thank you enough!!
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  1. I am so glad that you got is inspiring me to create something new too...but as I've not much time it pretty much lives up in my brain