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Apr 9, 2011

My Husband and His Quilts and a PRIZE GIVEAWAY

GiveAway Contest information is at the bottom of the article - I just wanted to show off my husbands skills first...

Like OMG I have a husband who can quilt... It's been a while since he's done a square or two but I wanted to share with all my readers some pictures of his old quilts made only 2 years ago. His very first quilt he made was for me and it's a KING SIZE - can you imagine that? NUTS! But he pulled it off.

As I am typing these words a thought occurs "Who taught my husband how to sew" and so I looked at him and asked. And he smiles with a proud statement and says "No One - I taught myself".... And now I want to hide in a hole because I was taught in school and I am no where near my husbands skills.

LOL wow back when Jorge had hair.
But this is proof a king size quilt
can be made in a 24 ft rv..

This is his second quilt he ever did - also a king size quilt.
The colors where not to match
and is done to make it look like a hobo quilt
 - the theme of the this quilt

Jorge did a his and her 9-patch lap quilt and I still use it today
 - this quilt is almost 2 years old

I like the his theme better then the she theme 9-patch quilt. He was saying yesterday he's getting the itch to make one but wants to sell them but to be honest storage is a problem. But if a reader see this and wants one he'd be happy to do a custom order for sure - make and ship is what we can do...
His email is
for quotes and information.

$20.00 Gift Card is going to be given to one winner on May 31st. This is how it works.... Sign up to follow this blog (click the follow button) and then leave a comment because it's the only way a winner is going to be picked. And then share this contest with 5 friends (twitter and facebook does count as a friend). Leave your friends name/blog address in the comment feed... So this means if you do this then you are entered 6 times the maxed allowed - this helps keep the contest more organized. So get the word out and leave your comment  for each friend and also a comment stating you are following the blog and then your set for the contest. It's that easy... is where you can get information on the MAY FOR ME and so you can host your own MAY FOR ME... Read on to see how I am rewarding my MAY FOR ME Followers...
Here is the gift card you could be winning...  
You got it a $20.00 JoAnn gift card will go to one winner.

You get 6 chances to win so act now and leave your comment for each thing you did.
Comments Example: for 6 chances to win
1 yes I am following your contest as Jane Doe
2 yes I twittered you at janedoe@ twitter (provide proof)
3 yes I facebooked you at janedoe@ facebook (provide proof)
4 yes I shared on my blog at this blog address
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I will be checking and if not proven then I will diquailfy that entry

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  1. Love the quilts your husband made! I love the scrappy look! And great giveaway! Everyone can use a gift card to JoAnn's. I am really getting excited about the wonderful responses to the May for Me Celebration!

    Tweeted this for you too!

  2. Oh, Jorge those are awesome quilts. You guys are so talented!!!

    And what a great giveaway. I'll blog about it and link back to you this next week.

    I am also off to make a facebook event. Look me up and friend me so that I can invite you to the event.

    Tonya M. Owens, Cameron, Missouri

  3. Quilting in an RV? That's awesome! :) Great giveaway - I LOVE gift cards! I'm a new follower.

  4. I blogged about your giveaway at:

  5. Love the quilts, I am not only new to blogging but trying to sew again after many many years. My goal is to make a quilt. Way to go Jorge they are beautiful.

    A giftcard to JoAnne's awesome give away. I am posting on my facebook and getting the word out for your blog. Thanks.

  6. Jorge, I want to be just like you when I grow up. Once we're in the house, I may have to commission you to do a quilt for our new space! You are a very talented man!
    Hugs - Janice

  7. Wow, self taught! I took Home-Ec and can't sew two pieces of cloth together. Beautiful quilts too!

  8. Love the Girl/Boy lab quilt. That is nice. His triangle work on the large quilt is fantastic. Fun Fabrics! I am a follower!
    SpunkyDiva at

  9. I tweeted -!/TheSpunkyDiva/status/57474525398433792
    SpunkyDiva at

  10. I signed up as a follower! You must be super organized to have your whole life AND quilting in an RV. Wish I were half that organized!

  11. i follow!! these are fabulous quilts and would be honored to win a joanne gift card to use for my own fabric habits!!

  12. Really like Jorge's quilts! Now when is he going to go back to making those cool bags he used to do?

  13. I love the quilt Jorge keep crafting you alway make great things


  14. I follow on google connect as "anash"
    Thank you kindly!
    anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

  15. I tweeted here:
    Thanks for the chance!!
    anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

  16. Sorry- dont use facebook!! Those quilts are so beautiful!
    I blogged about your giveaway here:
    Thanks for the opportunity
    anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com