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Apr 17, 2011

Getting Closer

Getting closer. I have 5 total patterns I will be working on so far for May For Me. A friend of mine is so sweet that she is sending me a pattern via snail mail and I should have it by Thursday (plenty of time).  I will be posting the pattern with link along with pictures of progress and my personal take on the projects the entire month of May (along with Jorge's projects too). So thrilled...

And so today I started to rip everything apart in my rig to sort the junk from the inventory and getting things sorted into the correct bins and I am still short on bins but have made some progress... So the picture is the mess and by next week I'll update with pictures of the final stage to my madness.

I know it's a mess but it won't look this way
 - and in fact I am 80% organized
 and I will get the other 20% done
 when we get more bins -
So next week I will post final pictures of the rig to show you how organized we are... My cabinets are looking great now! They are done but I want to post all the cool/clean pictures next week.



Shop Announcement

I will be featuring Heather's 4 stores in 4 days - This women is so amazing and I am honored to know her!! She is big part of May for Me and has given me some great encouragement...
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  1. ok those are just way to cute. I love your features.

  2. It feels so good to get in an rearrange and clean out the rig! It's getting time here to take a look at all our stuff.

    Happy Spring Cleaning!!!!

  3. Thank you for the feature(s)! :D

    I reorganized right before learning about May for Me & it makes things run so much more smoothly! I have a long list of things to work on coming up in May... I hope I can get them all done!

  4. I love to clean and re arrange and I make a mess doing it!!

  5. Spring cleaning at it's finest! We just redid the girls' room, and now I need to go back through my sewing stuff and find more fabric to use in their room, LOL! There is always more to sew.