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Apr 11, 2011

Free Knitting & Crochet e-Cards

I don't know if my reader know but I dabble in art and came across these. I had done them for a customer (in fact my best customer) over a year ago. I so love her kids and my customer is a great Mum. I wish she lived closer because this is one lady I would love to meet in person!!

My favorite - I can do cartoons but
everything else takes forever for me to do...

This little gal is starting to look like her
BEAUTIFUL older sister - she's losing her baby look!

I have on my list for new paints and
do custom work if ever interested...

Jorge likes to sketch... My hat designer...

This was a team effort. Jorge drew this but I burned it
 - I love woodburning but it doesn't sell
so I only do custom orders now...
And so now to the point of todays blog...
I got this e-card from a sweet friend (thanks Becca) - I think she is trying to con me into going back East... ummm lol!

So this is picture of the card that came to my email box - I deleted what she said because it's private and I cherish her words and want to keep them to myself.
Coolest e-card ever CLICK to get your own
   And while at check out all the free patterns..

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  1. Cartoons and Einstein, interested to see where you will go next. Very talented.

  2. Oh, I sure wish that I could draw. You guys are so talented in so many areas!! I have so many designs in my head that I want to draw out but I can't at all. I always have to wait on my daughter to draw what I'm thinking!

  3. I had to share this sweet email that came to me this morning!! Thank you dear friend...
    ""I enjoy your feature and question of the day! While I no longer do etsy...which I plan to blog about soon...I do enjoy buying homemade!! I like how you take something from your day...turn it into a feature of your blog. I am glad you enjoyed the post!""