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Mar 5, 2011

Loom Out FREE patterns

Yesterday I was going through our supplies and getting a wish list, when my husband says "Do I get to do a wish list"? ummmm OK - sure. So he got right to work cleaning out his bins of beads, fabric and sewing kit (that is right my husband is crafty - you'd be surprise how many men craft and if a man makes fun of them for it - then well too bad). So I am looking at Jorge's list and I see the standard stuff, beading needles, fabric, patterns and then I see the word loom...
LOL we have so many looms in the RV and he wants to add to it. Well it does make sense looming comes easy for him and having Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) he can put the project down any time his hands start to hurt.
My favorite loom he has is my loom in which I have never been able to use. He does 90% of all of his beading on it now. He has 3 jewelry beading loom. Here is a sample of the current project he's working on.

You will find this St Patricks Bracelet for sale at
The below pictures are looms we have sold by other stores... Jorge wish list item is of a sock loom seen below:

$93.00 eBay

So if anyone wishes to purchase one for my husband you can send it to
Sanchez Family
110 e. center st #1117
madison, sd 57042

We even blog about it and make a you a pair socks for each month of the year for one year!

The rest of the pictures are what kind of looms we own - but the links you see  below each picture is where you can research for your own loom. At the bottom are links where you can get free loom patterns. So do you loom or are you a loon? lol... comment your share stories on what you think about looming...
We have these in 5 different sizes

Patterns FREE

I couldn't find the other pictures of looms we have and I will have to take pictures of them and update the blog... So we big you HAPPY LOOMING Men and Women and hey Kids too!


  1. Well, you know i would buy that loom for you if I could. I would love 12 new pairs of socks.

    I'll tell you a silly story. Money was so tight this last year that we didn't exchange for Christmas...and for my birthday I got...a package of socks. Yep. But, I really really needed them!! And I am very thankful for them!

    I do think the beading would be fun..but I am NOT going to get into another type of project!

  2. AWW that is so sweet of you. The thought is even better...
    I am a sock freak and I have such small feet that I can wear kid socks which opens the doors for flare lol...
    Jorge also posted your blog on our other blog - but we didn't do it to win ONLY to show support....