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Mar 1, 2011

Being a hard winter for us in the pocketbook this winter - we didn't eat out much in California. And it's still pretty much the same here in Oregon because hey it's still winter and we are still counting our pennies. But our wonderful friends took us out for an entire day to get chores done and to have some fun (their chores are fun). Went to the yarn store Jo-Ann to get my supplies for my custom etsy order of 10 infant hats and a set of shamrocks. I ended up spending $53.00 for yarns in which the order only paid for half of it - and so I will need to make that money back and hope to sell some more items real quick. It felt great to be back in a yarn store in which I didn't cringe at the prices. My husband not too long ago bought a $22.00 ball of yarn (yes that just one skein). I am amazed on the prices some times and need to bump my prices up on my items to off set my supply cost. Oh I try to make everyone happy with my crafting - I really do.
So then off to some fun... We went to Cousins Restaurant in which the atmosphere was so flipping cool. Before we went through the front door we where having some major fun... Check out the pic... We are goof balls for sure... The food was fit for an army and I went home with a doggie bag (I did salad and Jorge did a burger of some kind)... It was great. Being with company and good food made for an excellent day.
After that we head to the grocery store got some quick items and headed home which mean major crocheting work for me.... AWWWWWWW I need more sales...

LOL - Crazy

I always wanted to see Jorge in a DRESS...

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