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Feb 2, 2011

Our Current Projects

Hello! Oh it's so wonderful to be back... My computer is on it's last leg and so the shopping of a new one has begun. I have one in mind but still shopping for the lowest possible price.
So what have we've been up to you ask? Well, I have been "PIMPING" my husband's store (he hates that word but that's what I feel like I do - to get a sale these days that's what you have to do isn't it?). Jorge has been beading like crazy and with all my "PIMPING" has has sold a total of 7 keychain fobs in the last week (Congrats Honey). We had our family meeting a week ago and decided to open up 4 total store on ETSY...

MrCraftyRVing Jorge's Beading/Jewelry Store
MrsCraftyRVing Evielynne's Crochet/Knitting and odd and ends handmade items
Christmas101 Year-Round Christmas Store (still in working progress)
HatMasters  hats, scarf sets, mittens, headbands, wrist cuffs and those sort of goodies

We hope to use all 4 of these stores as our full time winter work. Since June of 2010 we are saving the sales to purchase our SOLAR PANELs (I've mentioned this in the past). Boy if winter has taught us anything - it's a major must to have as a full-timer on the road. Saving money in the long run is also a plus. And helping MOTHER EARTH is our main focus and our biggest reward.

Here are some fun pictures of the recent goodies we have each worked on that will also include a link to the direct store if you wish to purchase. Our main source of sales have been from word of mouth and custom orders in which we are most grateful for.

This winter has been about complete hardship in which we kept very private about. Because it was about learning and experiencing things through a new set of eyes, and working together as a team. We have done beautifully together. Our marriage is so strong and our love and respect for each other has grown and grown that nobody can tear that apart!

Jorge is so into his building of his store that he doesn't sleep much and is always on his little lap top designing more and more patterns. He has goals and his beading supply is down and is on hold making new items but he keeps busy in other areas. I am so proud of him for all of his beautiful gifts he makes. That's why I work so hard on pimping him because I believe in him.

OK here are the fun pictures of what we've been up too...

KeyChain Fob

Easter Cross KeyChain Fob

Hair Scrunchie

KeyChain Fob

Teen Wrist Cuffs

KeyChain Fobs

Boutique HeadBand

Easter Cross KeyChain Fobs

Crochet Baby Tube Socks

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