Crafting Newletter


Sep 1, 2010

Sierra Cottons and Wools

Today we headed into Bishop on a mission. Well? We got more then we bargained for... We left at 7:30am with a great cup of home brewed Starbucks coffee (caffeine it's our days off - bzzzzz). We took a back way to Bishop and got to talking about what we needed to do and what we wanted to do.... Somehow we started talking about our pets and I got the idea of heading the Big Pine adoption center (dog pound) And so we walked through and really nothing... I petted all the dogs that would let me and one particular was a chihuahua named Madonna and wow she didn't bark and yap like chihuahua do - in fact she was very calm. So then we asked to see the cat room - and OMG they had so many gray kittens in which I so wanted but something told me to go back to the dog room. And so we headed back and I went straight to Madonna and played with her a bit and I looked at poor Jorge who was praying no not a chihuahua - anything but that and I said with a straight face I want her. Well Jorge is the best husband in the world and said OK she's yours. So Lisa let us take her outside and we spent some good quality time with her and then signed the paperwork and paid the $50.00 (you pay $50 if the dog isn't fixed - we only paid $10 for Milita because she was fixed). And then got into the car. Again poor Jorge with his thoughts of "What did we get ourselves into".... LOL.... And off we went.

Next stop... Benjamin's Crafts

This is a very dangerous shop for me because of the price of yarns and other craft stuff (way over priced but they do have the best service). Would you believe I only bought 2 skeins of yarn (I have hat orders to fill). Jorge bought beads and I got some knitting tools and scrap book paper and stuff. We ended up spending a little over $100 - so not bad considering I spend way more every time we go there.

Next stop... Visitor Center

We went there looking for information about a certain campground and so they sent us to the Ranger Station. But they only deal with BLM, USFS and the National Park Service. And we needed Inyo County service help. So we went back to the visitor center and they pulled up the info we needed (that the Ranger Station had no clue about) and even printed us a map to get there. Holly Molly these women rock - they where so helpful... I just had to buy a bumper sticker (Jorge rolled his eyes - I have about 20 on the back of the RV). But we decided we go to City office tomorrow for the help we needed with information on a campground.

Next stop.... Kmart

We are trying out their Law-Away program... We put new towels, a bed set, a knife set and 2 body pillows on Law-Away. This is a test in which I'll be bloggin about on the my other blog I have: so do check it out... And I bought hangers and pants we found for Jorge - Jeans for a $1.99 (NO KIDDING)... I'm not into Kmart clothing for women they are a bit on the cheaply made side... I'm a Gap girl.

Next stop..... Vons
Where I insisted on getting lunch instead of going out to eat. Much healthier and way cheaper... Need to save our pennies for Boondocking days coming up... So excited!

Next stop.... Sierra Cottons and Wools
OMG the high light of my day after adopting my new dog... I was going to buy some yarn for a personal hat - took a look at the prices and thought to myself oh my Jorge will not be happy... So what happens is Jorge picked out yarn and it cost $22.00 and I was shocked.... I was so happy because Jorge never picks stuff out for himself - I have to do it - ugggg so what a relief when he choose to pick something out... You must go and visit this shop it's small but WOW - the stuff in there if it could only fit in my RV so would be in there... They offer classes and groups and so Jorge will take some sewing lessons (appliques kind of sewing) and I'll do the knitting groups... Yippee what a day....

Next stop..... Home

And home is where we are right now. Jorge and Milita are on the couch watching The Cisco Kid (I so love Duncan Renaldo, Leo Carrillo - they filmed a lot of the Cisco kid in Kern County).... i have some computer work to do so I'll be at it until at least till midnight if not a little after... So you'll have to excuse me why I sign off and say my good-nites.... Enjoy the pics!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. I love Madonna...soooo cute!

  2. Ohhhhhh, what fun in the yarn store. Lucky you! Yep, crafts in an RV are possible and so much fun! Love the dog.